The HMF 2130-K is a sturdy and flexible loader crane which has a particularly high lifting capacity thanks to the single Power Plus link arm system on the jib - even when the boom system is fully extended. The boom system is available with 15° over-bending between the main boom and the jib, which provides very high flexibility for demanding tasks in narrow places and where precision is needed.

HMF cranes are designed for representing a wide range of flexible solutions for the user, and therefore the HMF 2130-K is available with a number of different optional extras giving the user the possibility of adapting the crane for many different types of tasks.

The jib extension systems are made of ultra-high tensile steel, which provide an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

HMF develops complete crane solutions. This means that each single crane type has been the subject of careful considerations during the development process in relation to functionality and purpose. This also means that each single aspect about functionality and operation is the basis for creating the CE Safety System RCL 5300. This system provides security for the user both as regards crane movements and vehicle stability. The intelligent safety system registers all load moment increasing or stability reducing movements which provides an efficient protection in relation to overloading and stability because it stops the movements of the crane before the max. permissible load moment or heel has been exceeded.

Loading group B3   2130-K2 2130-K3 2130-K4 2130-K5
Load moment tm 19,5 19,0 18,5 18,1
Hydraulic reach m 8,3 10,3 12,5 14,8
Slewing torque kgm 2426 2426 2426 2426
Slewing angle ° 400 400 400 400
Max. heel at max. moment ° 5 5 5 5
Working pressure bar 345 345 345 345
Recommended pump performance l/min 70-100 70-100 70-100 70-100
Height above mounting surface mm 2295 2295 2295 2295
Length of crane, no extra valves mm 885 885 885 885
Length of crane, with extra valves mm 1005 1005 1005 1005
Width  mm 2500 2500 2500 2500
Stabilizer spread, standard mm 5575 5575 5575 5575
Stabilizer spread, double  mm 6455 6455 6455 6455
Weight of standard crane excl. stabilizers* kg 1770 1925 2080 2220
Weight of stabilizers, standard* kg 275 275 275 275
Weight of stabilizers, double* kg 355 355 355 355
* Weight excl. fittings, optional extras and oil.

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