HMF's long boom cranes are developed for professionals that make heavy demands on high working speeds, compact design as well as fast and easy daily maintenance.

With a centralised column, internal hose routing all over the crane, internal cylinders in the jib extension system, a long main boom that can be raised into vertical position, a large slewing torque up to 450°, and last but not least a precise Danfoss PVG32 control valve, the users' requirements have been met and incorporated in a brand new series of long boom cranes that have their world premiere at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 in Hanover!

HMF type L-TS is a long boom crane with long reach and high performance. On the ergonomically well designed top seat with joystick and foot lever control, the Danfoss PVG 32 proportional control valve provides a quick and very precise control of movements with low generation of heat. The crane is operated from the top seat directly on the control valve and the operator has a complete and unobstructed view of the working area. The control valve on the top seat has an efficient shielding with a minimalist design. The stabilizer functions are operated by means of control levers at the top seat.

HMF's long boom cranes are equipped with an RCL 5300, which is a safety system independent of the operator's doings. Through monitoring of the current load moment on the crane and working conditions, the RCL 5300 protects the crane against overloading and consequential damage.

The RCL 5300 co-operates with the operator on the lifting tasks as it only intervenes when it is necessary - not before. The RCL 5300 is particularly fast reacting and by means of precise, efficient and not least sturdy sensors and transducers it prevents dangerous movements. Simple functionality and safe communication between the operator and the RCL 5300 safety system ensure that the crane always works safely right to the limit.

HMF's EQC high-quality surface treatment includes a passivating ZetaCoat pre-treatment which is finished by an efficient and sturdy powder coating. Before the EQC process, all crane parts are carefully cleaned and all sharp steel edges are being ground to ensure efficient edge covering with HMF's powder coating. This is how the HMF EQC treated surface obtains an outstanding durability, which is the best on the crane market both as regards quality and the environmental impact. A particularly professional treatment which ensures that HMF products have a very high re-sale value.

Loading group B3   1710-L2 1710-L3 1710-L4 1710-L5
Load moment tm 15,8 15 14,5 14
Hydraulic reach m 9,4 11,5 13,4 15,4
Slewing torque kgm 2380 2380 2380 2380
Slewing angle ° 450 450 450 450
Height above mounting surface mm 2565 2565 2565 2565
Width, folded mm 2500 2500 2500 2500
Length of crane, no extra valves mm 805 805 805 805
Stabilizer spread, standard mm 5575 5575 5575 5575
Stabilizer spread, long mm 6455 6455 6455 6455
Weight excl. stabilizers kg 1870 2025 2180 2320
Weight of stabilizers, standard kg 275 275 275 275
Working pressure bar 300 300 300 300
Pump performance l/min 60 60 60 60
Power consumption kW 30 30 30 30
Hook height 1.5 m from column m 3,9 3,8 3,7 3,6

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