Product Development

HMF's customer focused product development ensures that our customers are presented with the best possible solution

HMF's product development is based on customer requirements. A number of customers are invited to participate in focus groups and are thus involved in the development process right from the initial drawing board stage. This ensures that customers are able to contribute according to their specific needs, requirements and wishes to the finished product. In short, we have our finger on the pulse throughout the entire development process to ensure that customer's expectations of future HMF- products are met with.

The aim for HMF is to supply high quality products, which is achieved in compliance with ISO 9000. HMF strives to continuously improve manufacturing techniques and this, combined with the use of advanced production equipment such as welding robots ensures the highest quality product in the best working environment.

All products are rigorously tested either on test benches or ready mounted on trucks before leaving the factory. This way, we ensure that only thoroughly tested and reliable products are supplied to the customer.

HMF is certified and approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard.

ISO 9001 is an international quality management standard, which is a guidance on how to handle a quality management system.

Functionality and safety are important factors in HMF's product development. This is another area where we benefit a lot from our close dialogue with the end users.

HMF has developed the revolutionary and unique EVS system (Electronic Vehicle Stability) to ensure our customers achieve maximized lifting capabilities whilst ensuring stability and operator safety at all times. EVS combined with radio remote control enables the operator to concentrate 100 % on the current lifting task. This is enhanced by the patented HMF InfoCentre, a digital readout on the remote control box which gives the operator instant access to vital operation related information and the RCL (Rated Capacity Limitation) Safety System which protects the crane from overloading.

These safety systems have been developed to ensure that the operator is always in complete control of the crane.

Experience shows that "Everyone knows best, where his own shoe pinches". This is to be understood literally.

HMF makes heavy demands on functionality and safety – therefore HMF is always goal-directed when developing products

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