HMF co-oporates across the Borders

4 weeks of competency development in exchange between HMF UK and HMF importer in Austria, Dunst Hydraulik & Ladetechnik

Completely in line with HMF's wish of all HMF importers possessing the largest possible amount of competencies within HMF's products, we facilitate competency development as much as possible. This is how Thomas Dunst, son of HMF's distributor in Austria, Josef Dunst, and employed at the company Dunst Hydraulik & Ladetechnik, recently spent 4 weeks in the UK improving his English whilst working with HMF UK Ltd., HMF's subsidiary in Great Britain.
Thomas spent time in each part of HMF UK, Sales Administration, Sales on the Road and Service. He also visited UK bodybuilding sites.
After the visit, Thomas' comments were: "I particularly enjoyed the service side with Graham Cook and working with HMF's outstanding CGW service terminal"

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