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Welcome to HMF

HMF is the supplier of the future of “– power to lift” for customers who make heavy demands Throughout its entire history, HMF has been synonymous with innovation. With flair for market trends and meeting customers’ demands, HMF has always been capable of supplying technology which is one step ahead. As a result of this, HMF has been able to develop a strong market position and create a high degree of customer satisfaction. HMF has managed to develop into a brand which is characterized by high quality and reliable service. This is an essential part of the foundation for HMF’s future growth and development.

At HMF we have made it a clear objective to be one of the leading manufacturers of loader cranes on the world market. This is not a position that can be reached without effort, because our customers make heavy demands – and concurrently with the increasing competition all over the world, these demands are not going to be reduced.

HMF wants to participate in preparing the agenda of the sector, carry out product development in close co-operation with customers and dealers and constantly focus on the needs and requirements of the market.

We want to match these demands, because we have “– power to lift”.

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